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Knoxville Volunteer Emergency Rescue Squad

Cadet Program

CUTOFF: 18 years of age

Emergency service organizations across the United States, large and small, career, volunteer and combination departments, in large urban centers, booming suburban cities, pleasant small cities and quiet rural communities are affiliated with youth programs that focus on emergency medical service, interests and activities. The programs are as varied as the communities and emergency service organizations that support them, offering countless permutations, organizational structures, varied member ages, styles of operation, focal points, and philosophies.

The Junior Squad Program of the Knoxville Volunteer Emergency Rescue Squad, is a growing component of the organization developed locally to meet area-specific needs, interests, and circumstances. This program serves numerous purposes, with a key objective being to develop a sense of community service among area youth.
junior squad 2
By participating in a youth program, young people gain confidence, develop mechanical skills and aptitude, and gain a greater awareness of personal safety. A vital purpose, particularly among programs affiliated with volunteer-dependent organizations, is to provide an ever evolving supply of interested, involved, trained and experienced young people who might become adult emergency service providers when they outgrow the youth program. KVERS’s Junior Squad program was designed with the express purpose of enhancing recruitment among young citizens.

General emphasis in the Junior Squad Program falls into these vital areas:

  • Career exploration
  • A sense of public service
  • Leadership development
  • Social development
  • Enhanced fitness