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Knoxville Volunteer Emergency Rescue Squad

Specialty Teams

Special Services consists of four teams with knowledge and specialized skills in a particular technical field. Some types of emergency response may require a combined effort of two or more teams. Some teams have been recognized nationally, featured in public trade magazines, have assisted with television documentaries, and developed training manuals used nationally. These Specialty Teams consist of the following:

Cave/Vertical Team

Members treat, package and remove injured persons from caves, cliffs, trees, towers, vertical shafts, large animal rescue, and assist with constructing raising and lowering devices using ropes for confined space and swift moving water rescue. Members consist of cavers, rope rescue technicians, and medical responders.

Water Rescue

Water Rescue Team

Members respond to drowning and boating accidents, reports of vehicle or plane crashes in the water, swift water rescue for flooding, assist law enforcement with evidence recovery and underwater investigation of crime scenes, assist citizens with items lost underwater, and rescue stand-by for large community events like Eskimo Escapades, Boom’s Day, and Dragon Boat Races. Members consist of divers, boat operators, medical responders, sonar operators, dive tenders, swift water technicians, under water robot and camera operators.


Members respond to structural building collapse, trench collapse, farm accidents, persons trapped in confined spaces, machinery accidents, large highway transportation accidents, aircraft accidents, and natural disasters. Members consist of tractor-trailer drivers, heavy equipment operators, trench and confined space technicians, physicians and medical responders, structural engineers, K-9 capability for live scent and deceased. Members assist local agencies in urban and outlying areas in the search of lost citizens throughout all of Knox County. Team consists of off road vehicle operators, search technicians, and K-9 teams.

Logistics Team

Members respond at the request of any KVERS specialty team, fire agency, law enforcement agency, community organization, or federal agency request for rehab of personnel during an extended operation like a large commercial fire, a sobriety check point, or large community event like U.T. Football Games.  The Logistics team constructs a staging area consisting of tents, heat, nourishment, fluids, cool misting fans, and medical care.